This project aims to show how feminist movements in Australia are placed and what motivates people who participate in the Destroy the Joint movement.

We wanted to spatially represent current feminist efforts and, in so doing, develop a geography of feminism in Australia today.  Specifically, this research focused on a case study of activism in Destroy the Joint to illustrate the diverse motivations and priorities of feminist activity.

Jess McLean (Macquarie University), Alana Grech (Macquarie University) and Sophia Maalsen (National University of Ireland Maynooth).

4 thoughts on “Geographies of Feminism Research Project

  1. Claire

    I have a Google account and a laptop on which Google Maps works, but the links on your instructions to add yourself to the map are not live. I went to the map and found my suburb but there is no “add marker” button.


  2. geographiesfeminism2014 Post author

    Thanks for your feedback Claire. Yes, the links on the instructions on this website are not live – we ask people to follow the steps as outlined on the participatory mapping page before then clicking to the map. The ‘add marker’ button is there on the several computers we’ve trialled it on. I’m not sure what version of Google Maps you’re working from as the participatory mapping activity needs the latest version to work.

    If you do participate in the survey, then there is a question that asks you to input your postcode. As you can see from the preliminary maps we’ve included on this site, we’re making maps at our end to help overcome some of the technology limitations people are experiencing.


  3. geographiesfeminism2014 Post author

    It’s frustrating that the map doesn’t seem to be working on some systems. This is an experimental participatory mapping initiative so that explains some of the kinks in the process. We are loading ‘back-up’ maps so a geographic representation of research participants can still be generated.



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